A Miltton House photo exhibition explores the animal nature of work

Photographer Maija Astikainen, known for her work “One Dog Policy”, visited the new Miltton House in Helsinki and spent the day taking photos of our employees’ furry friends in their natural work environment.

The resulting new exhibition, named “Another Day, Another Collar”, features five dogs and one cat, who are caught between animal and human worlds, out of time but still oddly comfortable.

For Miltton, office dogs have been around since the beginning, from 2001 when the pool of talent included eight people and one Irish soft coated wheaten terrier named Vidi. Its legacy now lives on at Miltton House in one of the six meeting rooms named after our dogs. Naturally, there are many arguments for and against bringing animals into an office space. To be honest, some of us are dog crazy, some couldn’t care less. This is why we limit the amount of dogs per day and also ensure that people, who’d rather work without dogs around them, can do so effortlessly.

Miltton has always welcomed new influences, competences and people in its network of friends. Our office dogs are a testament to the welcoming spirit, which we believe is what makes us so good at what we do.

“Another Day, Another Collar” by Maija Astikainen can be witnessed at Miltton House, when visiting us in Kallio during office hours.


For more information, please contact:

Ellaveera Björk
Art Director
+358 40 723 8733