Alexandria: Investing also for those who are interested in everything else

Alexandria is an asset management company making investing easy even for those who are not particularly interested in it.



Alexandria is a provider of asset management services to people who want to live a rich life.

Today, investing is no longer a privilege of the rich. Just about anyone can learn the secrets of successful investing with free online resources and start accumulating wealth – at least in theory. Despite the topic’s growing popularity, most Finns remain rather passive investors. People don’t put their savings to the best use.

Human insight

Most people know by now that investing is the smart thing to do. However, not everyone has the time or curiosity to learn the secrets of the stock market. To the less engaged, the whole topic can appear so complex and difficult that one simply gives up. “I’m not an investor. This isn’t for me.”

How we helped

Alexandria needed to upend conventional perceptions of who can invest. We chose a strategy of showing that you don’t need to master the intricacies of the stock market yourself to become an investor.

Go and focus on whatever you are really interested in and let Alexandria’s asset management professionals take care of your investments. Pursuing a rich life is possible for everyone, including those who are interested in everything else.


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Minttu Aarniovuori
Director, Marketing & Advertising