Altia’s initial public offering


Alcohol beverage company Altia planned to be listed on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange in spring 2018. The aim of the initial public offering was to improve the company’s ability to implement its strategy and to increase the stakeholders’ interest in the organization. The possible public listing of the company, then wholly owned by the State of Finland, had been discussed in politics and the media for years.


Key to the success of the initial public offering was the ability to communicate Altia’s motives for the public listing as well as its strengths as a company, in a clear and understandable way. Topics that caused some concerns in investors and other stakeholders included the role of local barley farmers as suppliers of the ingredient important to Altia, the Alcohol Act reform and its effects on the company’s business, as well as the size of the state’s holding after the listing. Therefore, communications and marketing had to build on Altia’s strong, future-oriented story while considering the questions and concerns of the stakeholders.


Together with Altia, Miltton planned a holistic communications and marketing campaign that took into account the needs of investors and stakeholders. It included a marketing brochure, print and digital advertising, social media advertising and an IPO campaign website. We also supported Altia in media relations, releases, roadshow presentations and in creating a disclosure policy, among others.


The initial public offering of Altia was oversubscribed, and the company was successfully listed. Altia’s story, based on attractive dividends, profitable growth and strong brands was well received. The listing, which was the first public listing of a State-owned company in Finland in about 20 years, gained a lot of visibility and enhanced Altia’s brand recognition and its position as a Nordic brand company.


Antti Salomaa