American Express: the Metal Card


In the spring of 2019, American Express launched their Platinum card in metal for the first time in the Nordic markets. We got the mission to launch the news and to make people apply for the card.


There were no benefits added to the card beside the metal form, and the annual card fee was raised with 10 per cent.

Creative approach

With a credit card in metal you can not only shop and get access to luxury lounges – you can also open bottles, carve wood and make fire. We set out to prove that in the Nordic wilderness where an elegant man, played by the globally renowned Kristofer Hivju, uses his Platinum metal card to make his way forward.

A luxury credit card used as a Swiss army knife by a large bearded man in the wilderness was all it took to get our target audience’s attention. In addition to some careful media planning and influencer cooperation.


Huge success! Two weeks after the campaigned launched, the card applications had raised with 177%.

For more information, please contact:

Tina Andrén
Miltton Sweden
+46 707 72 12 13