Anne Pallaste has joined Miltton in the Senior Leadership Coach & Advisor role since the beginning of May

Anne has a solid background in business development with a customer-oriented approach. Her experience is characterised by a deep understanding of the customer needs and coaching skills. That means turning customer insight into strategic goals and implementing – or rather inspiring – those goals into leadership and operational practices.

At Alko, Anne has been responsible for customer experience development and HRD. She was leading CX roadmap in 360-stores chain facing digital transformation. In the merger between Tapiola and Lähivakuutus, Anne was leading one of the most important integration projects, the brand, and then the development of a common culture.

To Miltton, Anne came from the position of Development Director of the Finnish Housing Fair. “The pandemic forced the Housing Fair to recreate itself in many ways. We changed the mindset to see the situation as an enabler. We decided to take faster steps digitally and created a scenario model that enabled business opportunities – and customers chances to get ideas for their homes – under different conditions. Without thorough modelling and, above all, trust and courage, no results would have been achieved.” says Anne.

“I am excited to be able to strengthen Miltton’s leadership coaching skills. I believe that appreciative leadership and the quality of encounters have a huge impact. The way we support each other and apply emotions for the benefit of us and our customers is the key to business success.”

Miltton’s leadership development business lead Erik Bäckman is delighted to have a new versatile member in the team: “After the challenges of the pandemic period, the development of customer experience is back in focus. The ways of creating the best customer experience and its foundations; employee experience and emotionally intelligent leadership, are all things where Anne brings an experienced, strategic coaching approach. I would say that we now have the strongest team in Finland to help our customers develop their customer experience, from digital and physical concepts to leading people.”

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Anne Pallaste
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Erik Bäckman
Erik Bäckman
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