Arla Luonto+: Trick and treating kids since 2016

In spring 2016, Arla Luonto+ launched a collection of vegetable yoghurts in flavour combinations that hadn’t been seen in Finland before. How could we get children – and their role models, the parents – to taste the yoghurts, and to get them excited about vegetables in general.

We believe in being honest with your kids, but this time decided to bend the rules by playing a trick on them with the help of food art. When your food looks fun, you want to taste it too. Food is also an excellent way of showing that you care about someone. Drawing on a toolbox of content production, media work, and a blogger challenge and workshop, our concept inspired food and family bloggers, as well as consumers, to create food art out of the yoghurts and their ingredients. The campaign’s success also benefitted from a carefully selected partner, the Norwegian Instagram sensation Ida Frosk (@idafrosk).

The campaign generated e.g. 27 organic blog posts and reached an audience of more than four million people across both traditional and social media. Arla Luonto+ yoghurts’ market share also grew in a climate in which competing brands were struggling.

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