Arto Räty appointed Senior Advisor and leader of New Context group at Miltton

Lieutenant General Arto Räty moves to Miltton as Senior Advisor and leader of the New Context group. Räty has most recently worked as a member of the Executive Management Team of the energy company Fortum and before that, for example, as Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Defence, Director of National Defence Courses and Chairman of the National Security Committee.

Räty has a unique expertise in foreign and security policy, international relations, strategic planning, international crisis management, and business and societal interactions.

“The pillars of security in Europe and the international system as a whole are in a major breach. Geopolitics, diplomacy, and growing uncertainty have a decisive impact on the business environment as well. The war in Ukraine is a clear indication of this development. I find it important to get involved in Miltton’s work to help companies navigate this new, hard-to-predict reality,” says Arto Räty.

The New Context group will bring together Miltton’s top talent from various aspects of society, politics, and economy. The group will also be joined by international experts in their fields as advisers and will actively pursue new recruits. The task of the group is to detect and interpret key developments and their impact on societies and decision-making at global, European Union, Nordic and national level.

“In recent years, Miltton has systematically built a new kind of consultancy that combines broad societal understanding, strategic insight and excellence in communication and influence. The importance of this combination for corporate success has become clear to everyone in the past week at the latest. It is great to have Arto Räty’s diverse, strategic know-how to further strengthen Miltton’s expertise,” said Mathias Järnström, Managing Director of Miltton Group.

The group includes e.g. Miltton experts Risto E.J. Penttilä (Nordic West Office), Katri Makkonen, Jussi Kekkonen, Jan Vapaavuori, Stefan Wallin, Anu Partanen and Jori Arvonen. In addition to them, the group includes experts from our offices in Stockholm, Tallinn, Brussels and Riga, e.g. Annika Arras, Sandra Kamilova, Maria Wetterstrand and Niklas Nordström.

Advisors outside the group include: Jeremy Bentham, who has long been the leader of Shell’s scenario work, and Alexander Gabuev, who is one of the world’s leading Russia experts.

For more information, please contact

Katri Makkonen
Senior Advisor
+358 40 560 3103
Mathias Järnström
+358 40 073 8002