Autism Foundation Finland: On the same wavelength

In the past few years, Autism Foundation Finland has built up distinctive and unique brand communication to support its work. An important part of the communication continuum is a corporate video that premiered in the spring and featured the foundation’s clients. The purpose of the video, which was directed to clients, family members, employees, and stakeholders, is to show how Autism Foundation Finland’s promise “We inspire, care for, learn, listen” is made a reality in the everyday life.

The valuable expertise of Autism Foundation Finland is first and foremost in the ability to listen – to the client, their loved ones, co-workers. It guides, sensitizes, and encourages everyone to share and listen to other people’s stories and ideas. This is why we decided to make listening also the main theme of the corporate video. The video opens up a window to the everyday, warm moments and life of Autism Foundation Finland that you would like to stay and see more of. The design language of the video reflects how Autism Foundation Finland listens to and meets their client.

”The script respects the clients of Autism Foundation Finland through its atmosphere and telling. It gave a positive but also a realistic look into our work and services. The production team prepared for the needs of the clients and directed the situations with sensitivity which made shooting days run very smoothly and provided our clients with a positive experience. This resulted in a corporate video that will pull at everyone’s heartstrings.”Vesa Korhonen, Chief Public Affairs Officer at Autism Foundation Finland.

Filming situations were planned together with the client. The shootings, imagery and soundscape were planned in a way, that individual needs of those on the autism spectrum would be considered as well as possible – both while shooting and with the final video. This meant for example avoiding fast cuts, flashing pictures, and loud sounds. We aimed to look into the everyday situations and find beautiful and meaningful moments, genuine mood, person-to-person contacts, and the act of focusing on pleasant activities, without any artificial drama. The soundscape, following the style of ASMR, cherished small sounds – stroking the fur of a horse, cutting paper, breathing in. Indeed, the video works best when you watch it with good headphones or sound system.

The stars of the corporate video are the clients and coaches of Autism Foundation Finland. There was excitement in the air on the day of the shoot, but in the end, the experience was seen as a pleasant one, and many of the people featured in the video have signed up as volunteers should there be any need for further filming.

Comments from the clients of Autism Foundation Finland:

“The day of the shoot felt exciting and interesting. Even though I’ve seen my fair share of these, it was nice to be a part of the video.”


“Before the shooting day, I felt stressed about agreeing to be on the video. This was the first time in my life I was featured in a video. Before the day, I was scared about the shooting day and thought: ‘NO, NO, I won’t do it’. When the day arrived, I changed my mind. The Vallila coaches were supportive and encouraging. When I listened to the director’s instructions, I understood that performing is easy and fun.”


“The cameramen were able to tell how to be in front of the camera and let’s hope there will be more of these.”


Creative and production team

Copywriter: Eveliina Lempiäinen
Project Manager: Heidi Hernesaho
Director: Mikko Laine
D.o.P.: Anton Thompson-Coon
Producer: Antti Ohtonen
Editor: Pyry Lepistä
Sound Designer: Tomi Seppälä
Graphic Designer: Aya Brace
Music: Otso Koskelo, Atomic Spa Studios

For more information, please contact

Mikko Laine
Director, video production and photography