The world needs rapid positive change through impactful action – and only we humans can achieve what needs to be done. At Miltton we are all about people.

At Miltton, you get to work every day with professionals, who can open your mind towards new horizons and perspectives. Creating an exceptional working environment and experience for our people is crucial to both our well-being and success. Your knowledge, skills, attitude, personality, vision, life story and learnings interest us. Not the length of your CV.

“Someone once said it takes courage to be kind. We have a house full of courageous people, and that’s the most important reason why I have stayed at Miltton for such a long time. I’m surrounded by kind people.”

Tiina Paasila

Art director Miltton Finland

Miltton’s Helsinki-based Trainee program is now open for applications

Are you curious, eager to learn and ready for a fast-paced and lively work community? Do you want to work with top-level companies? Can you bring something new to the table? 

We offer the opportunity to grow.

Miltton’s paid six-month Trainee Program in Helsinki is a deep dive into one of the fastest growing consultancies in the Nordics. We offer responsibility and a chance to work with clients from all parts of society. You’ll get to learn first-hand how top-level communications, leadership and marketing projects are run. It will be fast-paced, fascinating, and rewarding. But don’t worry – we’re huge fans of teamwork so you’ll have the support of around 400 inspiring and helpful Milttonees and your very own tutor.

We are looking for unique sets of skills.

Be yourself when filling in the application. Tell us what you can do, and what makes you feel proud and excited. We’re not looking to fill any fixed positions. Rather, we’ll select a group of great individuals whose daily tasks will consist of the following types of tasks – or a combination of them. The number of open positions is approximately 10.

Project management

Enjoy having a bird’s-eye view and both hands on deck at the same time? Perhaps you can help us put together the best annual reports in the world, contribute to the execution of brand projects, dive into investor relations and capital market comms, or support in leading multi-channel campaigns. Your main tasks include project planning and coordination, such as creating and following timetables, coordinating project work, checking and proofreading materials, and communicating with clients and subcontractors. Nerves of steel and a warm heart will help you succeed.

Public relations, social media and influencer marketing

Do you know your way around earned media? Or are you on top of the basics of paid social media and the newest trends on TikTok? Or maybe you are an aspiring expert in influencer marketing tactics? At Miltton, you’ll get to learn about executing, measuring, and reporting public relations efforts. Your task may include e.g. writing press releases, pitching to journalists, coordinating product seedings, and/or creating engaging social media content and influencer campaigns. You may also get to participate in organizing various events for media and influencers – such as Finland’s largest media day – or try your hand at our showroom services. Fluent Finnish skills are a requirement in public relations tasks, since the majority of the work is done in Finnish.

Sales & business development

Are you fascinated by the power of ideas and their ability to shape businesses, brands and societal causes? Are you ready to set up opportunities for your colleagues through well-prepared phone calls? We are looking for candidates to grow and master knowledge-intensive sales processes, pitching value-based ideas for decision-makers, and preparing compelling presentations and proposals to bring new ideas to life. You will work closely together with our experienced planners, creatives and account leads. In addition to client projects and project management, your tasks will include e.g. prospecting, proactive sales, client meetings, and CRM coordination.

Public affairs and governmental relations

We’re keeping our eyes open for candidates who have a passion for societal discussion and decision-making. Our trainees typically support our Public Affairs team by, for example, conducting background research and influencer mappings as well as managing different client projects. Fluent Finnish and English skills are a requirement in public affairs projects.


Due to certain projects, most of our trainee positions require Finnish language skills. Experience in proofreading or writing content in English or Swedish will definitely come in handy, as well as a love for PowerPoint and Excel.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Tell us why you are interested in a trainee period at Miltton and what you expect from us as an employer. When describing your skills and interests, be as concrete as possible.
  • We’re also interested in hearing what type of special competences and interests you have. If you have any recommendations or work samples, please attach them to your application.
  • Send your application and CV by August 4, 2024, either in Finnish or English.
  • We’ll get back to all applicants during August.
  • The most suitable candidates will be invited to interviews to be held in August and September.
  • We aim to make final decisions during September.

The first phase of our recruitment is anonymous. Our recruitment system will automatically make your CV and personal information anonymous, but please make sure not to add any defining information of yourself in your cover letter or additional files.

Trainees usually work with us full-time for six months, starting in October. The starting time may be negotiable, so please let us know in your application if starting earlier or later would work better for you. We have flexible hybrid working practices, and remote work is possible. However, due to the nature of the Trainee Program, we encourage trainees to immerse themselves in the working community at our Helsinki office as much as possible. Some events and work tasks such as onboarding and certain project and client meetings will require in-person participation. Please note that our trainees are paid a salary of EUR 1,450 per month.

If you have any questions, please contact Cecilia Adolfsson at

Open application Thinkers and makers wanted. 

Our diverse backgrounds are anything from business, culture, creativity, media, NGOs, politics, research, sports, to much much more – yours can be from one or none of them. 

We are always on the lookout for new friends. Please fill out our open application and we will get back to you!

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“I appreciate working at Miltton because here the individual skills and people are valued. It’s not just about the company; it’s about leveraging diverse talent to create effective strategies in close collaboration with clients.”

Anders Bergmark

Senior advisor, public relations Miltton Sweden

What is it like to work with us?

“Working at Miltton is an empowering experience for me. We get to use our creative side to the max, while at the same time taking responsibility for our ideas and work. I enjoy working this way: being able to shape things around me, provide creative ideas and see them materialize, and at the same time take ownership for my work.”

Kristi Roost

Head of Baltic business, Strategic consultant Miltton New Nordics

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