We are a unique mix of changemakers equipped to offer insight and inspiration to our clients in a changing world


Our people make Miltton

Creating an exceptional working environment and experience for our people is crucial to both our wellbeing and success. We are always driven to bring the brightest minds to the table. Your know-how, attitude, personality, vision, life story and learnings interest us. Not the length of your CV.

Our backgrounds are – and yours can be too – anything from business, culture, creativity, media, NGOs, politics, research, sports, and much much more.

Since its establishment in 2001, Miltton has been growing steadily. If you think you could be the right fit to complement our story, please send an open application.


The Miltton Helsinki Trainee Program 2020!

Are you curious and eager to learn? Ready for a fast-paced and lively work community? Do you want to work with top-level companies? Can you bring something new to the table?

What we offer: A chance to grow. Miltton’s six-month Trainee Program in Helsinki is a deep dive into the work of one of the fastest growing consultancies in the Nordics. We offer responsibility and a chance to work with the best clients, so you’ll get to learn first-hand how top-level communications, leadership and marketing projects are run. It will be fast-paced, fascinating and rewarding. We work hard, and you will too. But don’t worry, you’ll have almost 400 inspiring and helpful Milttonees and your own tutor to support you.

What we look for: Driven people who dare to challenge us. We are living in an ever-evolving world, so you need to be deeply curious, eager to learn and able to adapt. You are good at collaboration and have a real hands-on attitude. And by the way, your background doesn’t need to be in marketing or communications. We aim to hire a diverse set of people with a wide range of skills: writers, designers and visualists, project management talents, people who have an interest in digital marketing, PR, sales, or a combination of the above. Or maybe you have a skill we don’t even know we need yet. In any case, what matters most is not what you know, but who you are.

How to apply:

  • The application period has now ended.
  • The most suitable candidates will be invited to interviews held during September.

Usually trainees work with us for six months. If you have wishes concerning the length or content of the internship, please let us know in your application and we’ll try to take them into consideration. Please note that our trainee program is paid.

If you have any questions, please contact Cecilia Adolfsson at cecilia.adolfsson(a)


What is it like to work with us?

We are passionate, impact-driven, and ambitious. Sometimes working in a rapidly evolving organisation and fast-paced environment with different clients demands a lot of patience and flexibility from all of us. That’s why we all need a bit of resilience, support and willingness to learn from colleagues with different backgrounds and expertise.

We do our best to make sure that help with a sudden workload, a second opinion from a colleague or team lead, or just a shoulder to lean on is always available. In addition to everyday peer support, we regularly organise info sessions for our people and continue developing our employee communications, so that everyone can stay updated on what is going on around our internationally growing company.

Personal development

Because we work with smart people from many different backgrounds, it comes as no surprise that often our greatest learnings come from our colleagues. At Miltton, challenges and opportunities can present themselves in surprising shapes and forms – a new project with a fellow professional can lead to new expertise for both.

Many of us could have not predicted how their career paths and roles would shift and transform within one company. Miltton is a flat but very broad organisation in which our experts can go from the one end to the other. From a PR professional to a hardcore investor relations expert, or from an intern to a managing director, anything can happen.

For a more formal path of learning, our internal trainings and Nordic Exchange programmes, feedback and development tools, as well as inspiring events and workshops, are a constant supply of knowledge, fresh ideas and insight.

Flexible work environment

Our working culture is quite Nordic: we believe in openness, trust and flexible ways of working. Instead of hierarchies and cliques, our increasingly diverse work community is the foundation of our success.

While we are proud of our modern office facilities, we want to give everyone freedom to organise their work however they feel most productive.

Sense of community

We want to be a workplace where all employees feel like they can be themselves. And according to our latest workplace-wellbeing Siqni survey (10/2019), our people really feel that that’s the case (“The working environment where you can be yourself” 87/100). Maybe this is why many of us see Miltton not only as an employer but also a place where one can find superb company for even free time hangs. Instead of creating structures for fun and games, we believe in ideas coming from the bottom up. If you want to organise activities that also excite others, you have our support.


The time and energy of our people are our most important resources, and it is our highest priority that both are used wisely. The nature of our work means that sometimes you can be up for a crazy ride, but after an intense period, it is necessary to inhale and regain. In addition to the basics of good healthcare, lunch and recreational benefits and healthy snacks at the office, we want to create an environment that supports your way to wellbeing, be it an office yoga class, an honest chat with the project team or a morning of sleeping in. Let’s be honest – we are not perfect in doing this, but together with our people we definitely do our best to get there.

Giving back

Over the years, Miltton has helped various pro bono clients to raise awareness of their causes. Giving back to the community is of great importance to our entire personnel. How we select our pro bono clients is always influenced by people working at Miltton.