Fortum SOL


The Fortum Strategy and Open Leadership (SOL) development program included all Fortum’s managers and aimed at creating a strong understanding of Fortum’s strategic environment and alignment on how to execute strategy through an open leadership culture. The objective was also to jointly explore and strengthen Fortum’s agile ways of working, and provide a strong base for collaboration.

An international program targeting managers across all units was created together with Miltton Sparks. The focus was on open leadership and strategy discussions, and on mixing units and nationalities to enhance networking.


The program deepened managers’ knowledge of Fortum’s strategy, helped them put open leadership principles to practice, and equipped participants with high-quality communication skills. The 1.5-day leadership training also offered a platform for idea generation, networking and hands-on practice of Fortum’s lean and agile ways of working.

600 managers from around the globe participated in the program, connecting diverse business areas and locations.

”Workshop was tough and demanding. Well planned. Clearly conducted. Well worth the effort.”

“Sends a great message to the company on how important open leadership and the strategy is.”


Daria Pritup
Project Manager