Outotec LOFT


Outotec wanted to support its managers in facing large scale transformation and executing the company strategy. Together with Outotec, Miltton Sparks developed the Leading Outotec Forward Together program. The aim was to start by deepening the managers’ understanding of the connection between personalities and performance and after that gradually focus on broader subjects, such as coaching and communicating for change.

The core elements of the program were called leading myself, leading others and Outotec’s strategy. With these building blocks as the base for the program content, the participants were offered tools for change agility and increased engagement.


The program was first launched in autumn 2016 to support 180 Outotec managers on their LOFT journey. LOFT consists of four training days, virtual webinars, team assignments and a mindfulness process supported by a mobile application for daily training.

In spring 2019, we’re running the LOFT program for the eighth time. The program provides managers with concrete tools, peer support and new energy to drive the change and to succeed in their managerial roles.

“Excellent coaches; inspirational! I liked the approach to us as individuals and personalities.”


Maria Solitander
Chief Operating Officer