Sanoma Media Finland 360 coaching


The 360 coaching program for Sanoma’s executive management and managers had a target aligned with Sanoma’s strategy to create better bosses and to help managers to develop as leaders. The program was designed to combine the participants’ reflections with peer support and learning from others.


Together with Sanoma, Miltton Sparks designed a program that offered participants a chance to receive feedback and deepen their self-knowledge. Working in small groups served as a forum for sparring with colleagues above organizational boundaries. The executive team was also offered tools for improving and strengthening their collaboration skills.

In 2017, a total of 107 members of the executive management and managers participated in the program. The 360 coaching program became a permanent part of Sanoma’s annual leadership training.

”A concrete and eye-opening session. It activated good conversations and kept us around important matters. The trainer gave space to conversations in a suitable manner, but was also sturdy in taking things forward.

”Thank you for creating a good atmosphere for discussions, some really great topics arouse for improving our leadership.”

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Tiia Virtanen

Client Executive