Stena LIFT


Stena Recycling wanted to transform its organizational culture and leadership and to reach a new level of engagement and business acumen. Miltton Sparks designed a coaching program in order to involve managers in the discussion concerning Stena’s future, as well as in identifying the goals and needs for change.
Besides finding common goals, the aim of the Stena LIFT was to give managers new self-confidence as leaders and increase their leadership, collaboration, and communication skills. The program also ensured the managers had the capabilities and motivation to drive the changes.


We launched the Stena LIFT program in early 2017. It consisted of four two-day modules, involving over 20 managers and management team members. Throughout the program, managers injected new insights and behaviors into their own teams concerning issues such as energy and time management. The program has increased the business acumen of the participants, developed their communication skills and strengthened their self-understanding. The LIFT program is still ongoing, LIFT workshop 10 is organized during the spring of 2019.


Maria Solitander
Chief Operating Officer