City of Helsinki: Merihaka ethnographic research and interactive work


The city of Helsinki started the city development plan for Merihaka. In the beginning of the development process, they wanted to better understand the needs and expectations of the residents about the future of the area. ​

Research solution​

We started to gather the understanding with an ethnographic research. We discovered, that the residents want to be more involved in the city planning processes. ​

For this reason, we continued to do interactive work with residents together with the City of Helsinki. We supported the city communications and organized events for the residents in the area to complement the understanding and to answer to their hopes and worries.​

In addition, we implemented a survey that focused on the opinions of the residents and on their views on the future scenarios made for the area. 250 people answered the survey. ​


The results of the ethnographic research and interactive work help the City of Helsinki to develop the city plan from a more human centric perspective. The process also involved residents to development process. The results support the City of Helsinki in assembling the design principles for the area, that guide the city plan and development of the area in the future. ​

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Annika Lepistö