Clipper: an IMC cup of tea.


Clipper is Finland’s first and longest-standing fairtrade, organic tea brand. Although Finnish people know and like the brand, perhaps due to years of silence on the marketing and communications front the awareness rate (51%) hadn’t translated into sales or market share (5%).

In 2019, our job has been to revive the Clipper brand in the minds of its target group consumers to ensure that Clipper is chosen over other teas.


Clipper lives and breathes its promise: Natural, fair & delicious. We found that although flavour is (unsurprisingly) the primary factor in choice of tea, (also unsurprisingly) sustainability was emerging and is something that sets Clipper apart from competition. If we’d succeed in adopting Clipper’s honesty to fit the Finnish taste, it would turn heads and drive trial. We identified key use occasions around which we designed the annual calendar of activations.


Did you know that in Finnish, “tea” and “do” are both “tee”? Endless copywriting opportunities. We localised Clipper’s quirky brand and sustainable ways into a series of punny texts and colourful animations, that we ran as ads across Instagram, out-of-home and online video. We even got a bit excited and built the (allegedly) first branded Instagram AR filter in Finland.

To further connect with our target group, we created engaging activations and experiences as well as bang-on-brand influencer collaborations. This spring we hosted a “Teetä ja maailmanparannusta”-themed tea party for relevant influencers, where we had tea over topics such as sustainable tea trade. To extend the invitation to all Clipper enthusiasts in the autumn, we hosted a movie event. Imagine a dark, chilly October evening, an intimate outdoor cinema, cozy blankets and woollen socks. And steaming cups of tea.


The movie event tickled our tea-drinkers’ fancy: 32 times more people wanted to join than we could host, and the Clipper inbox packed with requests to host more similar events (stay tuned!). The Instagram filter instantly reached 20 000 people and got them engaging with the brand beyond their tea cups.

But the tea cups, they’ve also been filled to the brim: during 2019, Clipper became the fastest-growing tea brand in Finland increasing its sales by an anything but modest 24%.

(Market data: Nielsen 2019)


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