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The COVID crisis forced us to rethink the way we live, work and interact. But what was born out of necessity, has now become a world of opportunities. Remote is here to stay, also when the world begins to gradually and slowly return to a long overdue normalcy. The Miltton Contactless virtual hybrid solution has been developed to redefine the way our clients engage with their stakeholders in the future.

For Miltton, the leading communications advisory group in the New Nordic area, Contactless is another step in bringing technology to the heart of advisory and combining mind and machine. In merely a year after its development, the Contactless platform has been used in over 250 events and brought together people from over 150 countries. Our solution has been used by organizations such as the UN, the IMF, the Government of Estonia, and countless leading companies and brands. The interest keeps on growing, exponentially.

User Reviews

What our participants say about Contactless

Excellent world class quality when organising the Global Business Summit.

Tony Blair
Former Prime Minister of the UK

Miltton’s virtual event felt like you could naturally connect with others when discussing important matters.

Timo Huhtisaari
Director, Sustainability & Future Business at St1

Solutions and benefits

The Contactless concept offers you a wide range of modern tools for digitalising your stakeholder relations, staging a remote capital markets day, or holding a global virtual product launch – just to name a few examples.

Alongside the technical solutions, we offer you a secure meeting environment where polls and information sharing can be carried out safely and in a controlled manner. Thanks to the virtual space, stakeholders can participate regardless of where they are physically, and they can stay for as long as it suits them. Simply put, we can expect more participants, and we can engage them and make them interact in a whole new way. We guarantee a secure meeting environment with all our virtual security systems.


Solution: Contactless Digi

Contactless Digi is a light version virtual event without a studio. Contactless Digi is carried out via Zoom, Teams or any platform that the customer requests. The host, speakers and other performers participate in the event remotely with the assistance of Miltton’s technical team. This crew is responsible for monitoring the virtual event, guaranteeing high quality and smooth execution.

We offer full technical and communication support during the execution and in the planning of the entire event. With Contactless Digi, we can also spice up the event with pre-recorded video or animations, exciting visual elements and audience activation. As for any Contactless setup, questions and polls are easily implemented as part of the program.

Let’s take your next event fully digital.

Solution: Contactless Classic

Contactless Classic is a versatile virtual hybrid event carried out by Miltton from one of our own studios. The host or moderator leads the event in the studio, where virtual content and live components are smoothly tied together resulting in an engaging experience. Speakers can participate in the event both from the studio and remotely. Miltton’s technical team operates in the background during the whole event and makes sure that everything flows smoothly.

Contactless Classic offers you tools for versatile virtual events that are carried out from one of our Miltton Contactless studios. We have one studio located in Hakaniemi in Helsinki and three studios in Tallinn. In case your organisation is planning a launch of a new product, strategy, or wants to host a panel discussion, Contactless Classic is the best tool for you. Contactless Classic connects people, regardless of location, with a studio and entertainment elements. Everything is tied together according to your needs and the Miltton team will support you in planning and execution.

Let’s find a perfect fit for you.

Solution: Contactless Custom

Contactless Custom offers the possibility for a fully customised setup according to the client’s needs. It can involve the Classic studio in another location or a totally new innovative studio setup. Contactless Custom is an innovative concept where nearly anything can be done – the execution can be a combination of versatile elements and different platforms. If you have a high-flying idea and a strong drive, Contactless Custom is your best choice.

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