DIA Joint Application: A digital campaign where stupid questions led towards smart answers


How to reach 15-25-years-olds and attract them to apply for Technology and Architecture studies? And how to do that in a manner where we communicate attractively and truthfully about the wide opportunities in these studies? ​


There is evidence that having an impact on responsible, meaningful topics is a significant criterion for the career choice of engineer students. However, the world of graduate engineers can sometimes appea as too high-flown or detached from the everyday life. We needed a message as well as a way of communication that would lower the threshold to get enthusiastic about the DIA-studies. Our campaign must both be based on the fundamental issues and make these issues tangible – inspiring.​


In the campaign spread through the digital channels, we raised target audience’s interest by asking freshly framed stupid questions. Through the questions, we directed them to broader content and additional information about the joint application system.​

In addition, we gave chosen social media influencers the opportunity to ask stupid questions related to their own everyday lives, which in turn were answered by the fierce, professional Technology and Architecture researchers. ​


The number of applicants in Architecture study options was increased by 3% while in Engineering study options the increase was 3,5%. The volume of site traffic was increased by 10% compared to the volume of the site traffic in 2019. The number of users is almost 25% higher than in 2019.

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Miikka Huhta
Employee experience and communications