Drawn on Data – Science Communications for IDA Research Consortium

Amplifying the impact of academic research


Intimacy in Data-Driven Culture (IDA) is a research consortium that examines the tensions and possibilities between digitalization, data-driven media and intimacy. As the communications partner of the project, Miltton’s role is to help in increasing awareness about governing data and advancing transparent datapolicies – in addition to communicating the findings of the research.


Even though the research project consists of various streams and findings take time to build up, the ambition of the cooperation has been set to make the themes of data and intimacy as visible as possible along the way.


Here Miltton’s 360-offering plays a crucial role. Being able to build concepts, produce videos, gather social media influencers and create public affairs strategies is invaluable expertise in amplifying the societal impact of the academic work in every phase of the research project.


As a starting point, Miltton created a concept that gathers the project together and helps to communicate complex research in various formats and channels from events to social media contents. All things that are Drawn on Data are now starting to emerge at as the work continues.


Ilari Lovio