Brand Strategy for FCG

FCG’s renewed brand strategy defines the core of the brand such as purpose, ambition and brand personality. The brand roadmap prioritizes development actions and the content strategy defines how the brand is applied in all content.


FCG is a major player in multi-disciplinary consulting, and they needed to fortify the shared understanding of what their business is all about. FCG wanted a new brand strategy that the employees could recognize themselves in and would wake up passion towards the organization. FCG also needed concrete tools and a roadmap to bring the brand to life.


By a participatory insight process we dug out the purpose of FCG and how the organization sees its position in the society at large – beyond the value they produce to their clients and how they differ from competitors. FCG’s unique understanding of the wicked problems of our times they help to solve boils down to people, clients and technology. FCG unites experts and problem-solvers behind the phenomena of today.

Creative solution

The brand strategy crystallizes FCG’s purpose: “Our expertise is to solve the unsolvable. We develop better building blocks for a good life.” The strategy also defines the ambition, personality traits and the brand story of FCG, thus giving the company the relatable and compassionate material to use when communicating about the organization to its stakeholders.


Beyond a defining the core of the brand in the brand strategy, we helped FCG to define a brand development roadmap to prioritize the different actions to make sure the brand takes root on all levels of the organization. This resulted in Miltton supporting FCG in defining a content strategy and stakeholder research.

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Emma Autio
Director, Brand