Senior consultants / Client leads

We are on the lookout for one or more senior professionals to act as consultants or client leads. These positions come with a front row view to business life in Finland and abroad, but also with a strong mandate to act. The position demands the ability to lead teams of professionals to deliver highly ambitious consultation and creative work.

Combining expertise of people from different silos of society we help our clients understand, interpret, and act upon the increasing societal changes now and in the future. Our services and tools range from corporate communication to marketing communication, from public affairs to advertising, and from leadership development to advisory on strategy, sustainability, and capital markets. Most importantly, we bring together experts in these areas, and work in a collaborative manner.

What kind of talent are we looking for?

  • Senior consultants
  • Senior PR professionals
  • Trainers
  • Senior project managers
  • Strategists

While it is important that you are able to take the role of a generalist that continuously grows together with the client and the team, you may also have your own area or areas of expertise that you continue to develop. We welcome you as you are but think that our values describe what kind of a person will find Miltton a good fit: kindness & trust; curiosity & courage; responsible growth.

You should send us an application if you:

  • consider yourself to be a senior level consultant who already has previous experience in managing clients in a profitable way.
  • have a genuine interest to understand the operational environment and businesses of one or more of our clients, combined with a drive to support them in various needs.
  • are ready to get your hands dirty and gain some new expertise. We expect you to not only manage the work of your colleagues, but to utilise your personal skills in various sales and projects as well.
  • want to get to know your colleagues and their skills. While it is important that you are able to establish a relationship with the client, it is equally important that you know your colleagues.
  • are eager to dive into the deep end to learn and understand Miltton’s comprehensive offering both in Finland and abroad and thus serve customers as widely as possible.

We offer you a future-oriented workplace that is not afraid of challenging itself. You get to work with the best experts from different silos of society, and with clients ranging from top Finnish companies and organisations to international brands, NGOs, and public administration. With colleagues from over a dozen different countries, offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Brussels, and Washington D.C., and clients from all over the world, you have a chance to apply your existing skills while learning new ones. We offer you the modern tools of your choice and facilities to support different types of work. You have the chance to influence your own work, and Miltton’s story: bring in your own ambitions and realise them together with a capable community. The position is located in Helsinki.

We will fill the positions once ideal candidates have been found. Please submit your application here by September 30th. Should you have further questions, please contact Sanni Mäkijärvi at sanni.makijarvi(a) You can also call her on September 19 or 22 between 10–11 am at 040 827 0444. We look forward to hearing from you!

For further questions and inquiries, contact

Sanni Mäkijärvi
September 19 or 22 between 10–11 am at 040 827 0444