Finavia’s sustainability concept

360° of meaningful marketing communications


Finavia asked us for help with their sustainability communications. More clarity, consistency and focus were on demand. The goal was to create a sustainability communications concept that would help Finavia to build trust among decision makers and link sustainability more closely to the company image and brand.


Finavia’s sustainability, just like the whole airport ecosystem, consists of millions of details that need to be taken care of in order to fulfill Finavia’s mission: enabling safe and smooth flight connections and a world-class customer experience.


As a result we created the concept ”Hyvien asioiden ketju” / ”The sum of good things” which included Finavia’s sustainability story, key communications themes and a strong visual identity.


The concept was much appreciated in Finavia and it was soon promoted as the leading concept for all Finavia’s corporate communications.

So far ”The sum of good things” has been implemented into several touch points and channels, e.g. to newsroom articles, employer branding and new marketing communications assets and concepts. The saga continues with a comprehensive internal and external launch in spring 2019.


Please contact Johanna Talvela for more information:

+358 50 365 3222