Finnair: Push for change

Finnair: Push For Change


As a response to consumers’ requests, Finnair wanted to offer its passengers the possibility to compensate their CO2 emissions. It’s the first programme by an airline to offer both compensation and biofuel purchases. As its partners, Finnair selected NEFCO, a financial institution established by the Nordic governments to finance sustainable green growth and climate projects, and California-based SkyNRG that produces biofuel from used cooking oil. The high-quality service needed to be launched accordingly.


When an airline starts talking about climate change, it takes a healthy dose of courage and realism to be successful. We did not want to present the service as a perfect solution to the world’s problems, but rather as it is: a step to the right direction. The service is a brave and consumer-centric initiative that talks about the role of businesses in tackling climate change and continues Finnair’s impressive work in the field of corporate sustainability.


We named the initiative Push for Change, because while the world’s problems cannot be solved at the push of a button, it doesn’t mean that small actions don’t matter. This message was brought to all launch materials. The campaign is hopeful about the future and paves way for future work towards more sustainable flying.

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