Helsinki Festival: New Visual Identity


Helsinki Festival (Helsingin Juhlaviikot) wanted to create a visual identity that reflects the vast and high quality festival program, is scalable into different marketing channels and pleasing to the eye of a heterogenous target audience. It should not erase the 50 year tradition of the festival, but still be a fresh step towards the future.


Creation of art and culture comes from an endless exchange of influences across temporal and spacial boundaries. The visuals should reflect this idea and at the same time be able to frame portrait photographs of various quality and styles, which are the most common building blocks of festival marketing.


The design was based on the concept of interaction and exchange of influences, which translated into a modular grid, that could be assembled and scaled into all formats and media surfaces. This made the visual identity more applicable, versatile and modifiable.


The visual identity was launched and applied successfully in everything from digital channels and print marketing to event decorations such as flags and merchandise.

Interested? Please contact:

Olli Sirén
Miltton Creative
+358 40 7644 288