Jesper Brandt appointed CEO of Miltton Sweden

The consultancy Miltton has appointed Jesper Brandt as Managing Director of Miltton Sweden. He will start in January 2023, and will reinforce Miltton’s Nordic growth strategy.

Jesper has extensive experience in senior positions in both strategic communications and business management. He has a long career both as a journalist and entrepreneur, and as family owner and board member of the Brandt Group. Prior to Miltton he worked as CEO of King Street Sweden, which is a part of the Rud Pedersen group.

“Miltton’s Nordic expertise is very central in Sweden. The world is constantly undergoing major transformations and Miltton wants to bring its strong knowledge of societal positioning to even more clients in Sweden. I take on the challenge with great interest and I am happy to add my own expertise to Miltton’s 400 experts, more than 70 of whom work in Sweden,” Jesper says.

Miltton Group has grown internationally in recent years and currently has offices in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Brussels and Washington, D.C. For Miltton’s customers, the seamless cooperation between experts from different countries enables bringing diverse views from different operating environments. The comprehensive consulting is also based on the company’s way of combining expertise from different silos and backgrounds in society. Miltton’s Swedish business has also grown in recent years, with strong growth in Public Affairs, Corporate communications, and Data-driven marketing in particular.

Jarkko Konttinen, the current Managing Director of Miltton Sweden, will continue as Chairman of the Board. “The major societal changes that are underway are creating opportunities and threats for our customers in Northern Europe and around the world. Miltton plays a particularly important role in positioning its client companies in an ever-changing situation and strengthening their business. We warmly welcome Jesper to join us in Miltton’s strong growth journey”, says Jarkko Konttinen, Chairman of the Board of Miltton Sweden.

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Jarkko Konttinen
Chairman of the Board
Miltton Sweden