Jori Arvonen joins Miltton

The consultant agency Miltton has appointed Jori Arvonen to further strengthen and lead the cooperation between its operations in different countries. Arvonen will start as Director and Senior Advisor in January and will be working as a leading advisor in international Public Affairs projects.

Jori joins Miltton after an extensive career in Finnish governmental positions. For the past ten years he has worked as the Under-Secretary of State for EU Affairs, and before that as a Special Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is also the Chairman of the Steering board at the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.

“Advancing political decisions that are beneficial to Finnish companies in the EU and globally was one of my main tasks as the Under-Secretary of State. I’m happy to be able to continue my mission at Miltton,” Jori says. “It is especially important to influence the EU decision-making right now: The competition of global power blocks in trade politics, the division of power in the EU after Brexit, mitigating climate change and the digitalization of economy require systemic changes and making political choices that affect the competitive environment far into the future,” he continues.

Jori will bring with him a vast knowledge of the EU agenda, e.g. from trade, industrial, competition, digitalization, innovation, environment and forestry politics among other things.

“It is great to have one of Finland’s leading EU experts join Miltton as an advisor to our clients. Jori Arvonen brings with him his unique network and expertise in the international and European business operating environment. Miltton’s public affairs experts operate in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Brussels. Jori’s key task is to strengthen and develop the co-operation between our experts and services to better meet the needs of our clients,” says Jussi Kekkonen, Miltton’s Senior Partner.

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