K-Rauta: Jätä jälkesi (Make your mark)


To create a lead marketing concept for K-Rauta, and launch it effectively externally and internally. The concept had to differentiate K-Rauta from its competition and work as an umbrella for all levels of marketing communication.


K-Rauta’s customer studies showed that the majority of its business was generated by a dedicated group of handy-people, who were mostly women. Our concept should motivate DIY-minded folks, who like to work with their own hands.


The concept Jätä jälkesi (Make your mark) was designed to serve as a motivational payoff, that could underwrite everything K-Rauta communicates from brand to tactical level. The launch film featured a couple experimenting with their home by painting a large space inspired mural in their living room.


The concept was widely embraced in K-Rauta from management to the retailer entrepreneurs. The video got a lot of positive comments in the social media and the brand campaigning is set to continue in 2019, covering different aspects of K-Rauta’s product categories.


Please contact Olli Sirén for more information:

+358 40 7644 288