Remonttineuvonta: service concept campaign for K-Rauta

The new Remonttineuvonta service concept from K-Rauta assists all types of renovators in every phase of their project. The ad campaign communicates to people that K-Rauta helps them to get started and proceed in any type of project.

Business challenge

For those unacquainted, renovation and construction may seem like too much of a challenge to embark upon. The biggest issue, however, is oftentimes getting started. Once you get a good inspiration for the project, tips and equipment, all in one place no less, getting to it no longer seems so insurmountable. What follows is that it’s not starting that feels difficult but figuring out when to stop.

Creative and cultural insight

Increased trade in cottages and real-estate has brought a lot of new clients to the market with little to no experience in renovation and a higher threshold for do-it-yourself. However, people are curious and want to try out new things, as long as you provide them with clear instructions and inspiration. We decided to present renovating in a positive light as a hobby that pulls you in bit by bit.

How we helped

Our campaign is seen and heard nationally in TV, print, radio, as well as in social media and other digital platforms. The production of the campaign film was produced by Otto Production and directed by Ezra Gould. Sound design plays a key element in the narration and drummer Teppo Mäkynen designed a new jazz-song building up alongside the renovation for the campaign. Sound design was done by El Camino. Still photography was done by Niklas Sandström.

What happened then

No one is born a master. Renovation is not something to be feared, but something to tackle valiantly. K-Rauta Renovation Guidance will provide assistance and instructions to renovators of all levels in every step of the project. Doing it yourself has never been so easy or fun.

Radio spot

For more information, please contact

Mikko Hakkarainen
Executive Creative Director