Kaikkien aikojen jättipotti


In the spring of 2023, Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a report on Finland’s Moonshots for Green Growth. Our objective was to make green growth’s potential a topical discussion theme prior to the Finnish Parliamentary Elections throughout Finland and across parties and get an influential group of Finnish companies behind the shared message. The key challenge was the difficult language used to describe green growth and the differences in opinions on the subject. In addition, prior to elections communications and marketing channels are filled with elections, and it is even more difficult to gain widespread attention than normal.

Societal insight

During the next parliament rule, Finland has many challenges to solve: the aging population, growing governmental debt, as well as economy growth that’s slowing down. According to CLC and BCG report, the exports related to green growth can be up to a billion euros annually, by the year 2035. This amount would help solving some of our society’s most burning issues. Together with CLC, we found the key messages and best channels to get attention to the message – the importance of investing in green growth to achieve its true potential.

”Our goal was to give a voice to large Finnish companies to tell us how they can make green growth a reality. The work clearly paid off, as we got all CLC members behind the message.”


Tuuli Kaskinen
Climate Leadership Coalition

Creative solution

We turned the difficult language into easy-to-understand and distinctive messages. In the key message we used language similar to that of the lottery – an institution dear to many Finns – to show the Finnish exports’ potential in a simplified manner. The campaign headline was Kaikkien aikojen jättipotti, The greatest jackpot of all times. Sub-messages were inspired by certain aspects of Finnish culture, from pop-culture to sports celebrations, as well as focusing on innovations with the greatest export potential, identified in CLC and BCG’s report.

The visual image we wanted to bring as far away from the lottery as possible – green transition is not lottery but it’s potential is a proven fact.

PR work succeeded well as we framed Finland’s societal challenges and served green growth as one of the solutions in an opinion piece, by using influential people from the business world as spokes people.


We got the entire CLC partner network of 90 companies behind the shared message, and 13 companies to participate with their logos and case stories.

Coverage was national: Already when the CLC and BCG report was launched, Helsingin Sanomat published a wide article on it, after which the topic was discussed on media. Right before the campaign launch, 5 regional newspapers published the opinion piece.

Reach was secured with advertising: digital out of home ads were placed in 16 cities, and 6 cover pages and digital ads in over 30 regional newspapers published across Finland. Partner companies’ participation in sharing the message on social media ensured us to land a jackpot of coverage, to make green transition a topical discussion theme prior to the elections.

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