Kemira’s STOP-THINK-ACT Safety Campaign


Kemira launched an internal, international safety campaign in spring 2018. The objective was to increase knowledge regarding different kinds of safety risks at work. Employees were challenged to consider the effects of their actions in different work tasks and environments. Miltton produced 11 illustrations in 17 different languages for the campaign. The main uses of the illustrations were posters in the offices and manufacturing sites. They were also used e.g. in presentations and intranet.


In the planning stage we especially kept in mind that the illustrations should attract the employees’ attention at the workplace. In addition, it was important that the illustrations would clearly and in an understandable way demonstrate each working situation, its risks and the correct action in the particular situation.


The choice for the illustration theme was an employee following safety instructions and her/his unsafely acting shadow. Genuine situations were represented with simple, effective illustrations which are quickly and easily understood by the viewer and also stand out from the rest of the internal communications.


“The best campaign ever launched in our company.” – long-term employee at Kemira

The client was pleased with the campaign and received good feedback also from the employees.