“Lasten vuoro” adds kids’ voice into the discussions about Finnish working life.

Children are not usually taken into consideration in many walks of the Finnish working life. Our campaign for The Ombudsman for Children in Finland aims to bring children’s voice in the ears of every decision maker in Finnish organizations.


Many sectors of working life in Finland are still struggling with balancing the equation between work and family life. Adults have their outlets for influencing working life: supervisors, employee representatives, unions, social media.

Children’s needs and opinions, on the other hand, are rarely visible at work. Even the children’s barometer tells that children’s matters are usually looked at through the eyes of adults.


Working life can look very different for each family depending on their personal challenges. It was time for companies and organizations to ask themselves, if they have really heard what kids have to say about their parents’ work and what child-friendly work would look like at their workplace.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states that children should be able to express their views on matters that directly concern them. Children’s voice needed amplification towards Finnish companies.


The campaign concept “Lasten vuoro” (Kids’ turn) was created to build awareness about family-positive working life in Finland.

Our digital campaign focuses on bringing children’s views about working life to decision makers in Finnish organizations with the help of the client’s vast NGO network and the campaign’s protectors: social media influencers Kaksi Äitiä, actor Jani Toivola ja CEO of Teknologiateollisuus Jaakko Hirvola.


The current campaign peaks in social media during The Week of Children’s Rights on week 46. Following our PR work, medias such as Helsingin Sanomat, Aamulehti, Aamuposti Keskisuomalainen, Länsi-Uusimaa ja Keski-Uusimaa have so far shared our important message.

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Markus Karlqvist
Senior Creative Strategist