Miltton USA

Your team in the world’s largest and most sophisticated market

Who we are

We are an U.S. East Coast -based international team of experts in market analysis, policy development, advocacy, and strategic communications. We are about building long-term trusted relationships and a commitment to results.

Miltton USA was founded in 2017 as the U.S. arm of Miltton Group as a response to the radically changing operating environment.

We have since served dozens of European and American companies with their needs to stay on top of key developments and to have a clear voice in Washington, D.C. Our counsel helps clients understand how they might be affected by, or take advantage of, U.S. policy initiatives. We help our clients to stay on top of legislative processes, mitigate political risk, communicate effectively, and turn challenges into opportunities.

We are big and small at once. The core team in Washington, D.C., and New York City is agile and efficient, yet, can add resources as needed through our strategic partnership with Orrick and the 400+ Miltton Group consultants globally.

We're already here. We know where you're coming from. And we, literally, speak your language.

What we do

  • Policy analysis, monitoring, risk analysis
  • ESG & SDG advisory and reporting
  • Global & public affairs
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Market research
  • Go-to-market plans with location analysis
  • Strategy and industry workshops
  • Strategic communications
  • Public relations

Annual Flagship Programs

  • Tech Trends and Business Development in the U.S. Defense Market
  • Winning Hearts and Minds
  • Innovation and Leadership Study Tour

Contact for more information

Kristiina Helenius 

+1 202 365 9174
+358 45 122 6051