Maali eikä määränpää – no paint, no gain, K-Rauta’s campaign for a change in scenery

This campaign by K-Rauta was made for anyone, who dreams of travelling with a stroke of a brush.

Objective: A certain product category in K-Rauta’s annual marketing needed a fresh coat of paint.

Insight: Nothing is as refreshing as scenery. But what if you can’t travel to your destination? You paint it on your walls.

Creative: The colourful campaign for print and digital channels was aimed to brighten up people’s day and remind them that repainting the walls can have the same effect on your mood as travelling.

Result: The campaign was chosen as the Best Ad of the Month by Aikakausmedia, who wrote “It’s a well-executed print ad with insightful copy. The product is presented in a clever way. All in all, it’s a delicious piece of advertising that lends light to the gray days of February and addresses the desire to travel again.”