Max Mickelsson to lead Miltton’s Public Affairs services – Päivi Laajala as Senior Advisor

Max Mickelsson, following a long career in politics and public affairs, is taking on the leadership of the public affairs services arm of Miltton Group, starting immediately. In his previous role, Mickelsson was responsible for the development of new markets within Miltton Group.

Mickelsson has extensive experience in political roles. His first career in politics was as a special adviser to Ilkka Kanerva, Minister of Labour, Sauli Niinistö, Minister of Finance and Ville Itälä, Minister of the Interior. He has also served as secretary of the Coalition Party’s (Kokoomus) Ministerial Group in three separate government administrations (Aho, Lipponen I and II). In Parliament, Mickelsson served as Secretary General of Kokoomus and as Special Adviser to Speaker Ilkka Suominen and Deputy Speaker Ilkka Kanerva. He also served as President of the Kokoomus Students’ Union (Tuhatkunta) and as Planning Secretary for the Kokoomus Party Office.

Mickelsson has experience in corporate public affairs both at home and abroad. Mickelsson worked for Microsoft as Director of Government Affairs in Finland and Ireland and has also worked on EU-related topics within the company.

His NGO experience includes founding the Turku chapter of the Finnish Refugee Council, chairing the Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association, chairing the Youth Entrepreneurs’ Association (Nuori Yrittäjyys ry), and serving on the board of the Atlantic Council of Finland.

“I enjoy working at the crossroads where politics, regulation, business and technology meet,” says Mickelsson.

“Understanding the social context and political risks is essential for understanding the operating environment. The importance of this understanding will only increase as geopolitical, technological and sustainability issues move into the strategic core of all actors, whether regarding climate change or biodiversity. Understanding, analyzing, and therefore anticipating the context is the starting point for drawing conclusions and giving concrete advice to our clients,” he continues.

Päivi Laajala joins Miltton as Senior Advisor

Päivi Laajala, who has held senior management positions in cities and municipalities, including as Mayor of Oulu and Director General of the Department of Local and Regional Government at the Ministry of Finance, will join Miltton as Senior Advisor for public affairs from 8 May 2023.

She has extensive experience in advocacy and in building community relations and networks. Laajala has led national development projects and participated in the preparation of reforms under the responsibility of various ministries. She has also held numerous board positions for companies and foundations and has worked in corporate governance.

Laajala will especially strengthen Miltton’s expertise in administration, finance and management in municipalities, central government, and welfare services counties of Finland.

“The public and private sectors are grappling with many challenges. The economic situation, the growing need for basic services, migration, and global disruptions such as climate change, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine and digitalization are forcing both to seek solutions. Finland is rapidly becoming more and more differentiated socially, economically, and politically. Miltton can provide skills and expertise to support the work of the public, private and third sectors,” says Laajala.

“Municipalities are undergoing a major transformation with the creation of welfare services counties. Welfare services counties are facing challenging financial straits, as the need for services continues to grow. In addition, the responsibilities and tasks of municipalities will grow significantly under the ongoing TE2024 reform, as employment and business services are transferred from Unemployment (TE) Offices to municipalities. It is clear that the system providing these public services needs fixing. Päivi brings valuable expertise to our clients through her extensive experience,” says Mickelsson.

Miltton is a growing Nordic consultancy with more than 400 experts in various fields. Miltton has a wide range of experts in business, culture, creativity, media, NGOs, politics, research, sports, and many other fields. Miltton’s team of influencer communication experts form a close-knit network of influencing experts in Helsinki, Brussels, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Washington DC.

More information, please contact

Max Mickelsson
Director, Public Affairs, Managing Director of Miltton Networks
050 4999 776
Päivi Laajala
Senior Advisor, Public Affairs
040 180 1168