Metso Outotec: building a performance culture with the employees

Building a performance culture

Metso and Outotec merged in 2020. After the merger, it was decided that building a common culture was key to Metso Outotec’s future success. The industrial technology and service company operates in over 50 countries around the world and has over 15,000 employees. This common culture and other reasons to join and stay at Metso Outotec needed to be communicated in an inspiring and convincing way. In the summer of 2021, Metso Outotec set out to find a new way of talking about its newly defined performance culture. Both small steps and bold strides were taken to achieve this ideal culture.

The objective of the collaboration between Metso Outotec and Miltton was to develop this performance culture, especially in terms of writing an inspiring culture story and engaging Metso Outotec employees as makers of the target culture.

Culture as a mindset

Culture is not an abstract slogan on a poster. It is a mindset that becomes visible in everyday moments. People can easily be given tools to identify, create and strengthen these crucial culture-building moments, inspiring them in the process. It is a practical and powerful way to instil the purpose that so many companies desperately seem to pursue.

What we set out to do

Miltton designed and delivered a process where 30 chosen employees were trained to take the role of true culture ambassadors who create moments and acts that strengthen and foster this performance culture.
In series of four 2,5 hour sessions the
employees were trained in impactful communication, appreciative presence and effective dialogue. They also co-created guidelines and tools to shape the culture and help it move in the desired direction. In addition, they played a role in developing internal concepts for future proofing the culture through a train-the-trainer approach, which allowed for scalability and wide impact.

The ambassador’s contributions were also used in producing a nice and neat culture deck. The presentation explains in a very clear and simple way what Metso Outotec’s culture is about and how each employee can succeed within this culture.

Employee ambassadors

These 30 employees form a globally diverse group of culture ambassadors with shared views, tools and will to integrate culture building in their everyday work. This community of culture ambassador peers will be able to deliver culture workshops on-demand and support and inspire each other in their valuable culture work.

For more information, please contact,

Miikka Huhta
Employee experience and communications