Mika Rytkönen appointed Managing Director of Miltton Sparks

Mika Rytkönen has been appointed Managing Director of Miltton Sparks starting 1st May. Miltton Sparks was founded in 2016 with a focus on organizational, culture and leadership development, and recently broadened its offering to strategy consulting.

Mika Rytkönen joined Miltton Sparks in January 2020. He has 25 years of experience working with strategic advisory, leadership development, business models and commercial operations design, and of leading teams in professional services.

“I am super excited about this possibility to continue building Miltton Sparks, our leadership and strategy services, as well as the Miltton offering in general. All together, we have a truly unique collection of expertise. The recent additions to Miltton’s offering – combinations of design and strategy, machine learning and foresight, and scenario-based modelling – contribute to our abilities to serve even the most demanding customers in their insight, strategy and leadership development needs. I would also like to thank Christina for her great work in building a solid leadership practice at Miltton.”

Christina Dahlblom, the founder and current Managing Director of Miltton Sparks, is pursuing a career outside Miltton.

“After 20 years in consulting, I have decided to see if I can be of use also in other industries. The Corona crisis challenges us all to rethink and reinvent, both individually and in our organisations. I am beyond proud over what we have achieved at Miltton and Miltton Sparks over the last few years. Good leadership and future-oriented, purpose-driven strategy is now more important than ever, and it is with great joy I welcome Mika to continue pursuing our mission of better worklife through better leadership and strategy.”

Further information provided by:

Mika Rytkönen
Managing Director, Miltton Sparks
+358 40 584 8372