Miltton acquired the digital marketing and service development agency Buena Creative

Miltton Group strengthens its expertise in full range digital marketing, as it is joined by the strategic design agency Buena Creative.

With Buena Creative, which Miltton acquired in Finland, 13 top experts in digital marketing and service design will join the agency group and launch the new Miltton Digital team starting on December 1, 2020. Miltton Digital will lay the foundation for Miltton’s digital marketing in Finland and reinforce the existing similar teams in Sweden and Estonia.

The services of Miltton Digital include digital business strategies, analytics, UX and UI design, service design, websites and ecommerce solutions as well as performance marketing. With the new digital team, nearly 150 of Miltton’s 400 professionals in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Brussels and Washington now work in marketing.

“This passing, peculiar year has created possibilities for us to take a creative look on our growth path and map out ways to amplify our business. We are delighted to get Buena’s professionals along to strengthen our digital marketing. Now we can offer clients in our every operating country a wider range of one-stop marketing services”, tells Jarkko Konttinen, managing director of Miltton Creative, who will be in charge of starting the new digital unit’s business.

”It is a great honour to be a part of Miltton. Buena Creative was founded in 2011 as a design agency aiming to grow its clients’ business by integrating strategy, human-centred thinking and creativity into digital services. We believe in a union of technologic expertise, brand insight and service design: by combining the three we can deliver remarkable and meaningful work. Traditional tech companies do not always understand brands and people, or traditional brand agencies the technical needs of digitalisation. Now we can combine these two approaches in a natural way as part of Miltton’s extensive service portfolio”, says Ulla Koho, one of Buena’s founders.

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