Miltton acquires Kenno to deepen research and insight expertise

The international consultancy Miltton has today published the acquisition of Kenno Anthropological Consulting. Kenno’s experts will join Miltton on March 1st, and will provide research, insight, foresight and societal analysis to all existing businesses, as well as lead the new research business.

In the past few years, Miltton has concentrated on deepening its expertise in societal insight and in creating visible impact together with its clients. The acquisition of Kenno further supports this vision by creating a new social scientific lens to be easily incorporated into all of its client projects.

“Our mission is to help our clients succeed in the global marketplace and be relevant and responsible members of society. To do that, we need to be able to look at societal issues and developments from multiple different perspectives. By bringing in Kenno’s anthropological expertise we can further expand our understanding of human behavior, which is crucial in understanding how societies function and develop,” says Paula Salovaara, deputy CEO of Miltton Group.

Kenno Anthropological Consulting was founded in 2014 by Anna Martela, Elina Reponen and Viola Strandberg. They apply modern anthropological tools to study target groups’ needs and their underlying motivations.

“Our ability to ask the right questions to gain a holistic and detailed understanding of people’s needs enables us to find new phenomena grown from lived experiences. By recognizing these changing patterns of behavior and emerging trends in the society, we can advise our clients in how to adapt to changes and how to make a lasting impact. We feel that Miltton is a wonderful platform for us to combine our abilities with other expertise to provide an even more comprehensive service to our clients,” says Anna Martela, CEO of Kenno.

“We are excited to welcome the experts from Kenno to further strengthen our societal understanding. With the anthropological lens that Kenno provides, we are even better equipped to help our clients make better business decisions. This will be a great new addition that complements the existing research and insight expertise we currently offer,” says Jan Westö, Director at Miltton.

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