Miltton and grit:lab in joint launch – unlocking Åland’s tech future 

Åland is home to a bustling tech industry and now is eyeing new growth opportunities. So the local government, in concert with Åland’s tech community and relevant institutions, has founded a new tech program – grit:lab – that highlights Åland as a tech hub and attracts new coding talent to the islands. The application period for 2022 is underway and will run until February 22, 2022.

The tech school boasts new facilities designed specifically to enable teacher-free studies based on teamwork and innovative problem-solving. Students will work together in a gamified curriculum punctuated by extracurricular activities arranged by senior developers from local tech companies. Only 50 applicants will be accepted during this inaugural year; it hopes to expand the program going forward.

The site for the program is truly special and welcomes applicants over the age of 18. Students are eligible for student loans in their home countries and will receive assistance in finding affordable housing during the two-year program. All of Åland is coming together to make grit:lab a success.

“The teacher-free environment is a huge plus and we really want to reach applicants that prize independence, grit and curiosity. Our campus is created to inspire and facilitate collective problem-solving. It’s where students excel in an environment that unites people on a path to shared growth. When you apply to grit:lab, you seek development through coding,” says Anna-Lena Svenblad, Co-director at grit:lab.

Åland and its culture are known for a sense of togetherness and co-creation aimed at reaching common goals. Here, there is a strong sense of local community, despite the islands’ convenient proximity to both Stockholm and Helsinki. It’s a great place for young people looking to make an impact and drive positive change. It’s close-knit, has a strong economy, and is committed to innovating for the common good.

“It’s thrilling to see this new project take shape. The setting and curriculum together create an amazing opportunity. We’re beyond excited to share this journey with the grit:lab team,” says Netta Metsäaho, Communications Consultant at Miltton.






For more information, please contact

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Miltton Group
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Anna-Lena Svenblad
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