Miltton and Inderes combine services to offer online AGMs

Miltton complements its service offerings with virtual Annual General Meetings by Inderes. The collaboration between Miltton and Inderes enables smooth remote participation of the Board of Directors and the Management team and provides the latest technology available for virtual shareholder participation. With the help of the new solution also large Annual General Meetings by listed companies can be realised in the current emergency conditions.

The consulting group Miltton joins forces with Inderes, a company serving investors and listed companies. Miltton complements its new service, a completely remote virtual meeting solution for large audiences with a virtual AGM service developed by Inderes. Combined, these existing solutions enable remote participation of the Board of Directors and the Management team, authentication of participating shareholders, questions during the meeting and remote voting on issues included in the meeting agenda.

Hybrid AGM’s

With the help of Miltton and Inderes’ collaboration, even large Annual General Meetings may be held despite the coronavirus epidemic and following the guidelines from our Governments. Both shareholders and company representatives have the opportunity to participate remotely in the current quarantine situation.

”It is important that the dialogue between investors and companies remains as good as possible. The current emergency conditions demand that companies adapt to a new way of thinking. Our collaboration with Inderes offers our customers an opportunity to arrange their AGM even in emergency conditions,” says Fredrik Heinonen, Deputy Managing Director of Miltton.

Inderes’ online Annual General Meeting service has been developed to improve the efficiency and diversity of AGMs. It includes registration, authentication of shareholders, questions and voting over the network and on site.

”The Annual General Meeting is the highest decision-making body of a listed company. It cannot be paralysed under these conditions. We will do our utmost to save the AGMs this spring and help keep the wheels of society rolling,” says Inderes’ Head of Technology Yu Gong.

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