Miltton and WWF to begin international collaboration – raising awareness on the climate impacts of eating behaviours in 11 countries

Miltton and WWF are set to fight climate change and biodiversity loss by changing people’s diets towards a more sustainable direction. WWF Finland and its 12 partners in 11 countries in Europe and Latin America are participating in the international Eat4Change (E4C) project. Miltton was selected following a six-month pitching process to help bring about widespread societal change.

Led by WWF, Eat4Change is a four-year project funded by the EU’s DEAR programme to raise awareness and participation in sustainable development among EU citizens, especially young people, by shifting and switching their diets towards more plant-based food. This kind of behavioural change requires a deeper understanding of the role that diets play in combating biodiversity loss and climate change. Miltton’s considerable experience in building international campaigns and bringing about societal change, as well as its proven ability to communicate in an engaging way, influenced WWF’s decision to collaborate with the globally operating creative consultancy.

“The Eat4Change project has very ambitious goals and to achieve them, we need creative and engaging storytelling. Our goal is to raise awareness of the environmental impact of diets, engage people to work for the benefit of the planet, and ultimately bring about a change in people’s diets. Miltton is an excellent partner on this journey,” shares Stella Höynälänmaa, Head of Programme at WWF Finland, who is leading the project.

Eat4Change is an international project launched in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom in 2020. Each target country has a different food culture and political climate, and concern and awareness around the issues are at fairly different levels. Miltton’s main task in Eat4Change is to create a cross-border campaign to make millions of Europeans more aware of the problems at hand, to understand how they can play their part in solving the climate crisis, and to change their eating habits in a more plant-based direction.

“Our ambitious goal is to help raise the environmental awareness of 52 million Europeans and help change these people’s diets towards a more sustainable direction. In the messaging we want to highlight that eating is not only one of the best things life has to offer, but also one of the easiest and most inclusive ways to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. Win-win-win-win,” says Mikko Hakkarainen, Executive Creative Director at Miltton.

The scope of the programme sets certain boundaries for the campaign, since there is no one-size-fits-all solution for a large project covering multiple cultures and target groups.

“An interesting challenge is to bring about positive change across Europe. Each target country has its own food culture, consumers and other stakeholders with different motives and needs, and a different way of engaging in societal debate on climate change. WWF is a bold and credible international player, and for the E4C project, our mission is to apply our own storytelling skills and knowledge of societal design as we address maybe the greatest challenges of our time,” continues Jan Westö, Director of International Business at Miltton.

The marketing communications campaign, which will begin in the autumn, aims to emphasise that most people already have the keys to the most immediate and effective climate action – it really matters what food millions of Europeans choose to put on their plates every day.

More about the Eat4Change project here.

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