Miltton’s startup team – growth partner for startups from the land of unicorns

Startups, according to Forbes, are young companies founded to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market, making it irresistible and irreplaceable for customers. It is with the latter that Miltton lends a helping hand.

Long history of working with startups

We have joined forces with over 40 startups since 2015, working side by side with founders and marketing and communications managers toward their business goals.

Our startup hub is fittingly in Tallinn, Estonia – the land of unicorns. When our consultants started working with companies such as Veriff, TransferWise, and Bolt, the term “unicorn” was known more as a mythical creature from children’s books than a status desired by aspiring entrepreneurs.

By joining the Miltton Group at the end of the 2010s, the doors to new markets were suddenly open for our previously local unit. We also grew in terms of our own network by gathering a team of savvy consultants in Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, and London.

Team with international reach and in-house experience

Alongside the external expansion, we focused increasingly on international growth projects by bringing the likes of Salv, Pactum, Immunity Passport (now Certific), Gelatex, Eurora, and Arbonics to the international limelight, while also continuing to work with mature companies such as Veriff and Wise.

Parallel to international PR, we have always eagerly supported tech companies and projects that help develop the Estonian startup ecosystem. The Ajujaht business ideas competition, Funderbeam’s various campaigns, Founders Society’s communications, managing the sTARTUp Day podcast, and the launch of the coding school kood/Jõhvi are just a few examples in our ever-expanding portfolio.

We set the strategy, create the tactical plan, and execute with precision. By having experience working in various startups (Wise, Clanbeat, Eliko Location Technologies, WeTravel, etc.) and within the ecosystem (Startup Estonia and European Innovation Academy), our team has the knowledge to support hitting global growth goals at any stage.

Working in the Startup team are Mari-Liis Kitter, Marleen Aasa, Sander Sillavee, Saskia Undusk, and Liisa Jõerüüt.

For more information, please contact

Mari-Liis Kitter
Head of Startup team and Partner, Miltton New Nordics