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Miltton Ukraine celebrates one year of connecting Nordic businesses with Ukrainian opportunities

Miltton Group marks the first anniversary of successful operations in Ukraine, highlighting a year of significant achievements in bridging Nordic businesses with Ukrainian investment opportunities.


Since the launch on July 1, 2023, Miltton Ukraine has been at the forefront of facilitating meaningful connections between Nordic, particularly Finnish, businesses and the Ukrainian market. Miltton Ukraine has organized numerous events, research initiatives, and business trips, fostering a deeper understanding of Ukraine’s investment landscape among Nordic entrepreneurs. Read more about our services on our web page.

Let’s rewind to the milestones of the first year of Miltton Ukraine: 

Launching Miltton Ukraine in July 2023

Launch Event in Helsinki on July 1, 2023 hosted together with Ukrainian investment experts Sergiy Fursa (Dragon Capital) and Ruslan Spivak (Ph.D, Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine), who presented deep insights on opportunities for Nordic businesses in Ukraine’s rebuild.

Business delegation visits to Kyiv

Miltton Ukraine has organized targeted trips for business delegations from Finland to Kyiv, facilitating firsthand exploration of investment opportunities in Ukraine.

During the first trip in October 2023, Finnish company representatives met with Ukrainian officials and visited local businesses. In January, businesses met with relevant Ukrainian ministries, gained insights into sector-specific regulations, and visited communities and industrial parks in the Kyiv region.

Participation in Kyiv International Economic Forum

In October 2023, we facilitated the participation of prominent Finnish businesses, including KONE, Modirum Security Technologies, and Nitro Games, during the first business delegation to Kyiv. That allowed for direct engagement with Ukraine’s business community and policymakers to develop a vision for future development.

Rebuild Ukraine, 2nd International Exhibition, Conference Powered by Energy in Warsaw

We have actively participated, joining the community of companies involved in Ukraine’s rebuilding and investment efforts. Miltton Ukraine has organized a panel discussion on investment opportunities and arranged closed meetings with Ukrainian stakeholders.

Strategic partnership with UkraineInvest

The parties signed a Memorandum of Intents and have agreed to cooperate in improving the investment climate and attract Finnish investment to Ukraine’s Economy. UkraineInvest is the Ukrainian government investment promotion agency.

Investing and Rebuilding Ukraine’s Future conference in Tallinn

Miltton Ukraine was the partner for the meeting in May 2024, which was organized in collaboration with the largest Baltic media holding, Delfi Meedia, Miltton Group, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

Participating in Berlin Recovery Conference

In early June, 2024 Miltton Ukraine participated in the prestigious Berlin Recovery Conference, a pivotal event shaping Ukraine’s investment agenda for the coming year. This conference served as a key platform for outlining strategic plans and priorities for Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts in the next year.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Strategic partnership forged with over 20 clients

Miltton Ukraine has conducted in-depth studies and research projects, organized significant offline events, facilitated numerous online discussions and presentations, and engaged with many experts and stakeholders. We researched renewable energy, digital and IT, MedTech, EdTech, and architecture and development business.

Miltton Ukraine is strengthening its presence by social and cultural campaigning

The company supported Helsinki Pride and represented Ukrainian LGBTQIA+ community activist and famous TV personality Volodymyr Zavadiuk. Miltton Ukraine together with Finnish and Ukrainian architects presented a public discussion of the “RE: Ukraine Villages” project that preserve traditional architecture in liberated territories.

Establishing partnership between D-Day Alpo Convoy and UNITED24

Just recently, we established a partnership between the D-Day Alpo Convoy fundraising mission, organized by Finnish businessmen, and the fundraising platform UNITED24, founded by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We started with conducting research and now we’re we’re leading the communication with the Presidential platform, media, bloggers about the project, completely facilitating the Ukrainian part and especially stakeholders.

The team behind Miltton Ukraine

Our international Miltton Ukraine team includes the Kyiv office led by Tetiana Tregobchuk, Head of Miltton Ukraine (Kyiv), Kseniia Lisnycha, Project manager, adviser (Kyiv) and collaborations across Miltton offices with a core team with Miltton Group:

  • Christer Haglund – Chairman of the Board (Helsinki HQ)
  • Jarkko Konttinen – CCO Miltton Group (Helsinki HQ)
  • Kaius Niemi – Deputy CEO at Miltton Group (Helsinki HQ)

This diverse team combines local insights with international experience, driving our success in bridging Nordic businesses with Ukrainian opportunities.​​​​​​​​​

Christer Haglund, Chairman of the Board at Miltton Ukraine, stated: “While we take great pride in our accomplishments and the partnerships we’ve built with our clients, we remain humble and acutely aware of the immense challenges posed by Russia’s aggression. Operating in Ukraine is undeniably demanding, but it is also gratifying. The unwavering support of the Ukrainian people, the opportunity to contribute to the largest rebuilding project in human history, and the potential for sustainable business with a promising future make it all worthwhile.”

Tetiana Tregobchuk, Head of Miltton Ukraine, reflected on the year’s achievements: “This year was about around 100 different presentations, about 20 in-depth studies and research, five large offline events, and numerous online discussions and presentations, communication with the media and a vast number of experts and stakeholders. The main result is over 20 clients and, one might say, new friends, each of whom will play an important role in the development of Ukraine to some extent. For this, and the faith, trust, and daily support, I am sincerely grateful to the great Miltton team from all our offices.”

Jarkko Konttinen, CCO of Miltton Group, added: “Helping Nordic companies enter the Ukrainian market has proven incredibly meaningful. It’s heartening to see more and more Nordic businesses bravely considering Ukraine as a future market and contributing to the rebuilding efforts of this resilient nation.”

Kaius Niemi, Deputy CEO of Miltton Group summarizes: “Working in Ukraine is more than just business for both our clients and us at Miltton. Ultimately, it is about the kind of Europe we are building together. For Miltton, there is no shared continent where Ukraine and Ukrainians are left alone. Therefore, every investment is not only developing Ukraine but also our shared future, which is based on democracy, human rights, and peace.”

As Miltton Ukraine moves into its second year of operations, the company remains committed to fostering stronger economic ties between Nordic countries and Ukraine, contributing to the rebuilding efforts, and unlocking the vast potential of the Ukrainian market for Nordic businesses.

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