Contactless Conferencing enables organising events remotely

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the world has shifted towards a new normal. Avoiding social contacts and restrictions on assemblies and meetings have caused the cancellation of numerous events. Instead of cancellations, events should now move into virtual spaces.

To keep the wheels turning, Miltton’s new Contactless service makes it possible to organise different kinds of remote events for thousands of participants. An interactive virtual conference service can be used to organise for example remote product launches, service demos, Annual General Meetings, keynote speeches, press events and trainings, without compromising the impact of the event.

The Contactless service functions well even when the strictest of restrictions are in place: only the event host and cameraperson work together in the same studio space. In addition, the personnel who ensure the high broadcasting quality and take care of the technical execution of the event work remotely in a separate space. All event guests, including keynote speakers and panellists, participate from the safety of their homes.

Interactive, engaging and close to IRL experience

With the service, up to eight performers or panellists can be visible at the same time. In addition, up to 50 special guests can be present with their own images through tablets positioned within the physical space.

Contactless events can have almost an unlimited number of guests. If needed, guests can be granted rights to speak or vote in polls. The service can be scaled to meet the needs of the company and their events. Contactless events can be hold even if further restrictions on public meetings are put to place.

  • Virtual event in a modern, functional and engaging way.
  • Branding and production value added through e.g. music, video and graphics.
  • Up to 8 presenters on stage at a time, and up to 50 experts, customers or media reps can participate through iPads. Thousands can follow the event online.
  • Followers can be given access and opportunities to speak and vote.
  • Streaming, video and audio mixing and production is done by an experienced production team.

Contactless in high demand in Estonia

Contactless has already been launched successfully at Miltton’s office in Tallinn, where e.g. the HITSA foundation has begun organising nation-wide remote learning conferences through the service. HITSA is the Estonian Information Technology Foundation for Education foundation established by the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian Universities and Estonian technology organisations.

“When our government announced state of emergency and schools closed, we immediately started looking for solutions how to advise parents and teachers in distant-learning. Through the Contactless service we were able to effectively and seamlessly reach out to thousands of people all around Estonia. The President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid addressed the participants during our last Contactless conference,” tells Heli Aru-Chabilan, the Head of the Management Board of HITSA.

  • The studio / meeting space can be built in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and Brussels with a team ready to work 24/7.
  • Moderators available at least in English, Finnish, Russian, French, German, Swedish, Estonian.
  • The live event can be recorded and edited for after-event distribution & marketing purposes.
  • Nearly 50 remote events organised via


For further information, please contact:

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Miltton Helsinki
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Miltton New Nordics
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