Opening of Fotografiska in Tallinn


The largest photography museum in the world based in Stockholm was set to open its first place abroad and nowhere less than in Tallinn. Our mission was to let everyone know the new kid in town – Fotografiska. We believed it should be the place on top of everyone’s minds whether they want to view exhibitions, go to lectures, have dinner or dance at parties.


Even if Stockholm is just on the other side of the Baltic Sea with Estonians regularly visiting it, the Estonian media mentioned Fotografiska only three times in 2018. But just like Fotografiska, Estonians increasingly push boundaries, are innovative and demand sustainability. So, it should be a match made in heaven, right?

We divided our strategy into three phases:

  • Creating awareness
  • Bringing attention to important topics in society
  • Call to action: the opening

Our approach

Fotografiska has something for almost anyone, therefore we used a converged media solution: a combination of earned, shared, owned, and paid media.


Our most significant KPI was based on visitors: we aimed for 200 000 visitors in the first year, however, that number was already achieved within the first four months.


For more information, please contact:

Nänsi Männik