Pasi Myöhänen joins Miltton Sweden’s Public Relations team

The consultant agency Miltton has appointed Pasi Myöhänen as a Senior Advisor. Pasi joins Miltton’s office in Stockholm on 1 November. He will bring the Public Relations team and its clients great insight of the media environment in Sweden, Finland and the UK, as well as a multidimensional understanding of Nordic companies’ operating environment.

Pasi is a very experienced communicator with a background in high-profile broadcast journalism. His latest position before Miltton was as the UK Correspondent for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, and before that he has worked e.g. at Swedish Radio and as a Sweden correspondent for Finnish media. Pasi has a master’s degree from Tampere University where he studied English literature, communications and journalism.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the most exciting consultancy in the Nordics. Miltton’s core values of constant curiosity and exploration align well with mine – and I’m looking forward to building long term creative relationships with clients. A new role is a welcome change and a big challenge, but this time in familiar surroundings as Stockholm’s been my home before for five years,” Pasi says.

Pasi’s experience of demanding assignments from his time as the UK Correspondent, as well as his broad understanding of the societal changes happening around Europe will be extremely valuable to Miltton’s clients around the world.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Pasi to our growing team. Pasi is used to working in high pressure environments and knows the decision-making processes in media newsrooms thoroughly. He knows how to catch the public’s attention and has well-developed skills in presenting complex information in a clear manner. This will be a great asset to our clients in Sweden and elsewhere,” says Emma Själin, Managing Partner and CEO, Public Relations at Miltton Sweden.

For more information, please contact

Emma Själin
+46-76 228 96 29