Paula Salovaara appointed to lead Miltton’s business in Finland

The creative consultancy agency Miltton has appointed Paula Salovaara as country lead, while Jukka-Pekka Myllys, responsible for Miltton’s business in Finland, takes parental leave for the rest of the year. Salovaara has been part of Miltton’s Board since 2015. She has a long career in Finnish media, for example as news editor in Helsingin Sanomat, as editor-in-chief for Radio Helsinki which she also founded, as well as a Board member in KSF Media and Long Play. Salovaara also acts as Chair of the Board for Plan International Finland.

During the past years, Miltton has grown its portfolio of services both in Finland as well as internationally. Inside the past year the company has strengthened especially its services in management consulting and digital stakeholder relations. Miltton’s virtual and hybrid events solution, launched last Spring, has made it possible to organise events safely also in COVID times. In addition, companies and organisations have been able to hold their annual meetings, investor relations, strategy days and other stakeholder meetings completely or partly digitally.

“Miltton’s strength has always been combining creative thinking with societal insight. Jukka-Pekka has led this work, and Miltton’s growth in Finland profitably for many years. I welcome the challenge to be able to continue this work during his parental leave”, Salovaara says. “Miltton’s development and strategy is familiar through my Board work, but I expect to learn a lot more about Miltton and its customers in an operative role.”

The COVID year impacted the businesses of several of Miltton’s customers and reflected in Miltton’s last year’s key figures as well. Even under the pandemic, the company continued to invest in customer relations and product development, while committing to secure jobs.

“The past year ended slightly below our financial targets, but our portfolio of services is stronger than before. Even during the exceptional circumstances, our diversely talented group of experts has demonstrated unforeseen abilities to innovate new solutions”, tells Mathias Järnström, CEO of Miltton Group.

The rest of Miltton’s management continues in their current positions. During the winter, Miltton appointed two business leads from inside its ranks: Antti Salomaa to take responsibility of the communications business area and Varpu Varpela for the marketing communications business area.

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Paula Salovaara
040 533 5081
Mathias Järnström
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