Pfizer/BMS alliance: People’s action for making pulse measuring a daily habit

“Kansan liike” – the people’s action – teaches people to recognize atrial fibrillation. Detecting an irregular pulse and preventing a stroke that may follow suit can be a single hand action away. In this campaign, the Pfizer/BMS alliance tell a story, where an elder man gets a valuable lesson from a surprising direction.


Many strokes that are caused by atrial fibrillation could be prevented if more people, who have turned 60 would measure their pulse regularly. By recognising atrial fibrillation early on, many older people could get proper medical help in time.


People – and old people in particular – may be stubborn to take in new information or routines, even if it would be for their own good. We needed a concept name which was also a CTA. Kansan liike (The people’s action) was born to signal the simple hand movement needed for measuring the pulse in case of atrial fibrillation.


Our advertising film and the accompanying photography develops the Kansan liike narrative into more comedic but also instructional direction. The protagonist is an elder man, who while getting ready for a jog gets jumped by an accidental noise on the street, sending his heart racing. Luckily a young girl, already hip to Kansan liike, reminds the man of how important it is to measure your pulse regularly. The film was planned and produced at Miltton and directed by Juho Konstig.

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Markus Karlqvist
Senior Creative Strategist