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Communicators, designers, leaders, marketers, and other wielders of soft power, welcome to the Miltton Phenomenal – a live event packed with inspiring cases, workshops, and structures for acting faster in a new context.

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We know the green transition must not stagnate but accelerate. We know human rights are not an outcome but a cornerstone of geopolitical resilience. We know that our markets can be uprooted. And the awareness of just how open the future is at any given time is only beginning to sink in.

But the nature of life is to fight entropy. So let us do what humans do. Let us open our minds to formerly unimaginable scenarios. Let us draw lines into the unknown and create structures that enable action.

4 May 2022 | Miltton House | Sörnäisten rantatie 15, Helsinki

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13.00_Opening words: The new context
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From scenario work to strategy and practice

Workshop: from scenario work to strategy and practice

This is a session that will introduce you to scenario thinking through existing work for the Nordic markets and an interactive session for reflecting the outcome of some very different futures on your own strategy and work.

Hosts: Risto E.J. Penttilä, Katri Makkonen, Varpu Varpela

#scenarios #insight #strategy​

From scenario work to strategy and practice

Embracing human-centered growth with holistic design

Ever wondered how and why digital native companies like Google and Zalando lead their business through customer experience? This is a relaxed and inspiring dialogue on how embracing a holistic approach to design generates more value for your team, customers, and maybe even society. You’ll walk away with your head full of ideas and your back pocket filled with practical tools for planning and measuring your CX goals, embedding a human-centered culture in your organization, and seizing the right opportunities for maximum positive human impact.

Hosts: Ulla Koho, Juho Paasonen

#holisticdesign #cxdrivengrowth #experiencedrivengrowth #humancentric

Embracing human-centered growth with holistic design
Embracing human-centered growth with holistic design
From insight to idea

Workshop: From insight to idea

The world needs rapid positive change through impactful action. But how do you do it? Why do some brands make it, while others crash and burn in the process? There are several strategic and creative things to consider. We will guide you through our process of finding relevant insights to build impactful brands and campaigns.

Hosts: Elina Niemistö, Evilda Nikander

#frominsighttoidea #impactfulbrands #branddevelopment

From insight to idea

The time to gear up on investor relations is now

Just when we thought the dust was settling, another shocking crisis. In a world of uncertainty and risk, it’s more important than ever to attract and engage – and private investors may well be your new best friend. We give you the why, what, and how + a story template to put our tips to practice.​

Hosts: Iris Nevanlinna, Tero Huovinen, and special guest Tomi Lahti (aka @zijoittaja)

#investorbranding #kempower #puuilo​

Future-proofing your business with anthropology

Future-proofing your business with anthropology

How can your business become more meaningful to people in this rapidly changing world? Anthropology helps businesses to build resilience and relevance by focusing on what is intrinsically human. It is an increasingly important capability and mindset in creating meaningful strategy, purpose, value, and marketing.

Hosts: Viola Strandberg, Thérèse Cedercreutz


Future-proofing your business with anthropology

The Societal Marketing and Comms checklist

What does situational awareness mean for marketers and communicators? Learn from past cases and dissect the future as we explore how companies, the public sector and NGOs can attach themselves to relevant societal phenomena in inspiring and responsible ways.

Hosts: Mikko Hakkarainen, Minttu Aarniovuori, Jenny Hasu

#älärikourheilua #helsinkifreedom #tämäkinvätystässä #lihalauantai #vaalit2023

Turning west – finding opportunities in Sweden, EU and the US

Turning west – what are the opportunities in Sweden, EU and the US

The Russian market has collapsed, and the West is waking up to new challenges. If globalization was hit hard by the pandemic, it’s nothing compared to the effects of the war in Ukraine. Rising energy prices, food security concerns, resource dependency and sanctions are setting the political scene in different capitals. How has the communications landscape changed? Are there new solutions to be found in the west? How to seize the momentum in Sweden, EU and the U.S.? Miltton’s experts from Stockholm, Brussels and Washington give their insights and advice on how to navigate the new reality and grasp new opportunities.

Hosts: Laura Kyyrö, Kristiina Helenius, Maria Wetterstrand

#newcontext #modernPA​

Turning west – finding opportunities in Sweden, EU and the US

The new context of reporting

The most impactful annual and sustainability reporting in history will be conducted in the coming years. We will discuss key learnings from over 100 reports from the last reporting season and guide you to begin creating the structures of tomorrow.

Hosts: Camilla Linniemi, Johanna Talvela

#annualreporting #sustainability #impact

The new context of reporting
The new context of reporting

The PR and comms mixtape

Raging pandemic. Green transition. War in Europe. The rise of disinformation. Brands and companies have been forced to constantly evaluate how to position themselves in a changing world. What values to communicate, which channels to use, how to collaborate with journalists and what trends to pay attention to in social media?

Hosts: Kira Hagström, Ilona Haahtela

#finnishmedia #socialmediatrends #zeitgeist #beanit #panda #zalando ​

The Urban Affairs playbook​

What do cities mean when they talk about the 15-minute city? Future of housing? Energy transition? Sustainability? And how does it affect your business? Cities are enablers, collaborators and sometimes competitors. For businesses they are powerful platforms – this session is about how to work with and in cities.

Hosts: Jan Vapaavuori, Sanna-Mari Jäntti, Pärtel-Peeter Pere

#newyork #helsinki #paris #stockholm​

How to succeed in the urban environment? 
How to succeed in the urban environment? 

And much more.

Each set listed above will be presented three times, giving you the chance to choose a total of three sets to attend. Or perhaps you’d rather visit the “room of feelings”, sit down to watch showreels, or simply bump into old and new acquaintances. Refreshments will be available after presentations and workshops. Capacity for attendance will be limited, so secure your place now​