Remote filming – producing expert videos has never been so simple and cheap

We can’t send over camera crews to film your experts in order to tell your story. Neither do CEOs or top professionals have the time to travel to a filming location, sit in make-up and get hooked up to a sound device before sitting still in an uncomfortable chair for an interview. In this extraordinary situation all of that may actually be completely unnecessary. Except for the part about your experts telling your story.


Remote filming is a no-hassle way of filming people in a lean, effortless, and relaxed manner. We’re all doing it these days. Never have there been more leaders, experts, and professionals in front of cameras than there are at this very moment. What’s better, these cameras are not the kind that make people nervous.

Remote filming is easy, especially when we add a little production value to it, just to get everything right. First, we open up a video connection with the person whom we are filming. We talk about everyday stuff with them, while making sure there isn’t anything horribly wrong with the lighting, and then we just start chatting.

They tell your story, we ask questions and spur them on. And once we have what we need, using way less time than for an ordinary video shoot, we start editing, adding anything from special effects to illustrative graphics, b-roll footage and soundscapes. And that’s it.

Also, remote filming is much cheaper than a shoot with a live camera crew

And if you have concerns about technical things like lighting or make-up, don’t worry. We can help you with those remotely as well. However, on the other side of the internet you will find an audience ready to accept everyday-faces and already accustomed to basic image quality.

And let’s be honest. In the end, intimacy beats technical quality every time.

Under these strange circumstances, it’s crucial to get your message and insight out there. Now if ever it’s safe to say: your audience is waiting.

Get filming.

For more information, please contact:

Desiree Leinonen
Producer, Miltton Helsinki
+358 400 278 889